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Managed Door Access Control

Micro Networks understands the key to an integrated security platform is a robust, scalable, and reliable access control solution, our ability to implement new and complementary technologies is what sets Micro Networks apart. We have partnered with several of the top manufacturers in order to offer solutions that range from standalone systems, to web access and cloud hosted. Systems can be integrated and equipped with other technologies, such as Photo Badging, Visitor Management, Emergency Communications, and Video Surveillance Systems.

Our Services

Design and Installation

Micro Networks serves a wide variety of industries, including commercial accounts, manufacturing facilities, universities and schools, healthcare, hospitality, and government offices. Our design engineers will work by your side to optimize the design of your company network. 

Installations are based on ANSI/TIA/EIA and BICSI standards-compliant designs and are delivered with the industry’s best installation practices and highest quality craftsmanship by fully licensed and trained installation teams.

Telephone Entry System

Our Entry Systems can help you effortlessly manage the flow of traffic in, around and through your property. With advanced features and durable designs, they’re an ideal long-term access solution to getting residents where they need to be, quickly and securely.

Door Access Control

We Meet with Business Owners to Discuss Commercial Door Access Control Needs then design commercial automation system solutions specifically for you. Micro Networks understands there are times when you need to provide access to your business that are not convenient for you. Imagine being able to open and close your commercial door for a cleaning crew or your own employees requiring access afterhours, allowing you to enjoy dinner with your family. From a single building to a sprawling complex, our Access Control Systems can help you secure and manage your property efficiently and effectively. With models and accessories ranging from high-security to low-clearance, there’s a solution that’s sure to help your business thrive.

Video Intercom System

Micro Networks can perform an audit and certify existing cabling systems that they have adopted from a previous tenant. We meet with the client first to determine if the existing infrastructure meets your network requirements. We conduct an assessment of the labeling scheme to ensure it matches all ports then test the entire system. An infrastructure Certification Package is then handed off the client showing test results and port assignment.

• Video Entry Systems

• Tenant Telephone Entry Systems

• Access Control Software/Hardware

• Single Door Access

• Enterprise Solutions

• Card Readers

• Finger Print Readers

• Biometric Readers

• Key Fobs

• Proximity Cards

• Key Pads

• Programmable Locks

• Iris Scanner

• Request-to-Exit

• Motion Sensors

• Magnetic Lock

• Electric Door Strike

• Door Release

• Key Switch

• Exit Alarm

• Door Closure

• Gate lock

• Hand Held Metal Detector

• ID Printer System

• Burglar System Integration

• Video Surveillance Integration

and more....

Additional Services


Have questions about your network installation? We would love to hear about your project goals and requirements, and are happy to provide a free site survey and to answer any questions you may have.

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Network Infrastructre and Hardware

We install, program and configure the infrastucutre to support you network; including,  Patch panels, Equipment Racks, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Power Distribution (PDU), Uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS), & Cable management

Physical Security

In nearly every organization the server room holds the company’s most valuable assets; it is good business practice to protect your investment in software, hardware and data. Single door access control is a great solution for allowing only authorized personnel access into this room while surveillance cameras provide video documentation of all events occurring within the space.

Benifits of Access Control

• Reduce costly lock and key replacement.

• Group individual users into assigned groups that map their job responsibilities or common security privileges.

• Set door schedules to control who has access, when they have access and where they have access.

• Audit Trail allows you to easily track employee movement.

• Set visual and audible door forced alarms.

• See the authorized users who gained access, as well as the unauthorized users who attempted access.

• Integration with surveillance cameras permits instant recording when unauthorized access is attempted or an alarm is generated.

• Notification of an event via e-mail or text.